Mobile Classrooms are an increasingly popular feature in the modern school environment as schools attempt to make up for lack of expansion and new building space by using modular or portable classrooms.

Designed to be a permanent feature in any school ARH Building Solutions can design and manufacture or simply supply you with a complete bespoke solution. They are designed to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for school children, students and those that teach them. They are installed to high quality standards and incorporate required accessibility features such as cloakrooms, toilet facilities and disabled access points and ramps, as illustrated in the image below.
Inside the classrooms the atmosphere is automatically more relaxed as a comfortable and modern style affords a more relaxed environment for the children to learn in.
All of our school buildings are supplied to conform to the very latest regulations and appropriate standards. Our commitment to the environmental and health and safety aspects are documented in separate pages on our website. Click the links highlighted to view our Environmental Statement and our commitment to health and safety.
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