26th July 2017

Modular Buildings For Offices

There was a time when business were known by the size of their office spaces, with the economic downturn and companies having to make hard decisions […]
26th June 2017

Mobile And Portable Classrooms Solve Space Crisis In Schools

Many schools are currently operating at the very limit of their physical building capacities with no further room for expansion. Each summer, at the start of […]
26th May 2017

The Benefits Of A Portable Building

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of portable buildings is something like a plain rectangular block with a door and perhaps a window. Portable buildings […]
26th April 2017

Portable Building Installed At Kent School

ARH Modular Buildings were recently asked to install a portable building at a school in Sevenoaks in Kent. The task was made a little more complicated […]