Portable Buildings Save Space And Money

The Modular Office
26th August 2017
ARH Portable & Modular Buildings Can Help Your School
27th July 2018

Portable Buildings Save Space And Money

Whether it’s for your business or a personal use, modular construction buildings are proving to be a cost effective and space saving way to add on. If your need is to increase storage space or make more office area usable for your business you may find that Portable Buildings have much to offer.

They can be quickly constructed with high quality materials either on your existing property or at an additional site for your business. It will merely be a matter of days before your new building or storage facility is ready for use. A portable built facility for wide assortment of uses.

The idea of quickly erecting an entirely new building or facility on site gives much flexibility to a business whether it’s intended use is for additional school classrooms, health care, office building, police station, warehouse and storage, or any other form of business that finds they are in need of adding on space for their purposes. Schools, as an example, find that adding one or more Portable Buildings will be far more cost effective than brick and mortar construction that takes months to complete. As they have a strict budget within which they must abide it is imperative they cut costs anywhere they can. Warehousing your stock can be expensive so do it yourself. A business that carries a large amount of stock in any form can benefit from a permanent storage building they own outright. Being able to buy the building and have it erected in a matter of days will help keep your business functioning as you need it to. Doors can be in most any size and configuration to allow for flexibility when storing multiple or large sized items.

Flooring can be pre-poured concrete or wood and can be part of the construction of your modular building or done by someone else. Size does matter when it comes to storage. Whether your need for additional space is for a business or private use the size you require will be determined by the use intended. Portable Buildings can be constructed in any size desired. If your needs are simple and basic you may prefer a jackleg cabin, simple storage container, or even a bespoke building that incorporates you new space with that which you already have in use. Size and purpose will determine the method of construction, whether it’s to be especially durable or more a temporary means of storage.

Most modular type buildings are also portable which means they can be deconstructed on site and moved to another property. Link your new space to the existing to increase usage. One thing modular construction is especially good for is the flexibility to combine more than one building and create the appearance of more size in a quick and simple way. Colour can be matched to an existing building in most instances, adding on as much usable space as desired and making it fully functional in a matter of days while also appearing to be part of the original building. Once the materials are delivered to site it will only be a matter of a few days until it is ready for use, whatever that use may be.